In addition to your everyday dry cleaning, we also provide alterations and repairs to your favorite garments, and restoration of smoke, soot and water damaged textiles. And if that’s not enough, we also provide the means to keep your shoes looking good with shines and shoe repairs.

Shoe Cleaning & Repair

Master’s Mark Dry Cleaners offers full service cleaning and repair of most shoes and boots. Whether you need a new heel or just a quick shine, we’ve got your feet covered. Enjoy the convenience of dropping off your shoes at the same location where your clothes are dry-cleaned, ensuring they will be handled by the experts you trust. We provide custom shoe bags that allow you to send your garments and shoes separately. So give our shoe service a try—your shoes will love you for it! *Shoe shines returned within one week with your clothes. Please allow up to two weeks for shoe repairs.

Men’s Shoe Repair

  • Rubber Heels – $20.75
  • Leather Heels – $22.75
  • Combo Heels (Leather and rubber) – $22.75
  • Half Soles – $56.99
  • Full Soles and Heels (Includes shine) – $66.99
  • Re-finishing – $22.75
  • Re-finishing (Two tone) – $34.00

Men’s Shoe Restoration

  • Basic Package (Full soles, heels, re-finish uppers, minor stitching, new welts and heel seats) – $135.55
  • Master’s Package (basic package + aromatic cedar shoe trees) – $164.99

Western Boot Repair

  • Rubber Heels – $22.75
  • Half-Soles – $66.99
  • Full Soles and Heels – $136.55

Western boot Restoration

  • Basic Package – $192.95
  • Master’s Package – $216.95

Ladies Shoe Repair

  • High Heels – $10.85
  • Pumps – $15.00
  • Flats – $19.60
  • Soles and Heels – $64.50
  • Re-finishing – $27.00
  • Re-finishing (two tone) – $31.99

Shoe Shines (Men or Ladies)

  • Black, Brown or Burgundy Only – $10.50
  • Touch Up Boots – $14.50
All sewing on shoes for rips and tears will be priced per job with an $10.00 minimum charge. We also offer purse, belt, and luggage repair for nominal fees.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs can be beautiful additions to your home, completing a room’s look by adding warmth, color, and texture to a space. They are useful on hardwood floors or tile. But they can be expensive and sometimes delicate. Protect your investment with a Master’s Mark Dry Cleaners area rug cleaning. Bring your rug into one of our 9 convenient locations. Or let us come pick it up from your home or office. Once it arrives at our facility, we’ll carefully inspect your area rug. We’ll note the color, type, size, and any pre-existing conditions, such as stains, tears, etc. We’ll photograph your rug and any areas of concern. This allows us to discuss with you any specific areas of concern. After your rug is pre-inspected, we pre-spot any stains or heavily soiled areas. It’s then on to the cleaning by hand. Once your area rug is cleaned and ready for pick up, we can make arrangements with you for return or delivery right to your front door. Pricing for Area Rugs $2.60 per sq foot ($31.49 minimum or 6% of rug value, whichever is greater)

Disaster Restoration

We provide the highest quality cleaning and restoration of smoke, soot, and water damaged textiles. Our staff knows that a household fire can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Rest assured, we will help you through this troubling time and get your fabrics and textiles back to normal quickly and efficiently. For fire restoration, we’re excited to offer ozone (O3) cleaning. Ozone is a natural purifier and sanitizer and is non-combustible, chemical free, residual free, and nature’s most powerful disinfectant. When the treatment is completed, the ozone reverts back to pure oxygen. Ozone infiltrates garments, household fabrics, blankets, quilts, and area rugs to eliminate the smoke and soot odor.


Don’t you wish everything was made in your size? Well, now you can have the next best thing. Why not have the people you trust to clean your clothes repair them too? Master’s Mark Dry Cleaners has qualified full-time professional alterations experts who can provide the following alteration services for a minimal charge.
  • Hemming pants
  • Mending pocket tears
  • Replacing zippers
  • Altering waist sizes
  • Sewing seams
  • Replacing elastic
Alterations without the hassle—what could be better? Contact one of our store associates to discuss your alteration needs.

Pants Alterations

  • Hemmed – $18.49
  • Hemmed with Cuffs – $18.49
  • Waist – $18.49
  • Replace Zipper – $18.49
  • Replace Jeans Zipper – $18.49
  • Adjust Jeans Waist – $18.49

Coats and Sport Coats Alterations

  • Sleeves Hemmed (Buttons) – $26.99
  • Sport Coat Hemmed – $41.99
  • Replace Zipper Jacket (Adult) – $33.99
  • Replace Zipper Jacket (Child) – $33.99
  • Replace Entire Lining – Start @ $77.00

Skirt Alterations

  • Hemmed – $21.49
  • Hemmed with Lining – $21.49
  • Waist – $20.49
  • Replace Zipper – $21.49

Dress Alterations

  • Hemmed: See Skirt Pricing
  • Formal Dress Hemmed – Starts @ $33.99
  • Replace Zipper – $21.49

Shirts & Misc. Alterations

  • Shirt sleeves shortened – $24.49
  • Shirt Collar turned – $13.49
  • Misc. buttons replaced – Buttons + $12.49
  • Sew on patch – $12.49
  • Re-sew seam/Patch hole – $12.49