Regular Dry Cleaning

  • Blouses/Shirts – $7.35
  • Pullovers – $4.20
  • Sports Coats – $7.35
  • Blazers – $7.35
  • Cardigans – $7.35
  • Overcoats – $21.40 & up
  • Dresses – $14.70
  • Dresses (2 pc.) – $21.39
  • Jackets (plain) – $7.35
  • Raincoats – $21.40
  • Shorts – $7.35
  • Skirts – $7.35
  • Pants/Slacks/Trousers – $7.35
  • Suits (2 pc.) – $14.70
  • Sweaters – $7.35
  • Tank Tops – $6.35


  • Laundered Business Shirts (excludes silk, rayon, etc.) – $2.85
  • Laundered Business Shirts (folded) – $3.15
  • Tuxedo Shirts – $2.85
  • Laundered & Starched Shorts – $8.10
  • Laundered & Starched Pants/Slacks/Trousers – $8.10
  • Pullovers – $4.20
  • Fluff & Fold – $2.99 per lb

Premier Gown Cleaning

You’ve spent a long time selecting that special dress to wear tonight. It just felt right when you purchased it. And now you’re out with that special someone and everything is going great. Then it happens. Don’t let a spilled drink or food spoil your evening. Special wear for special occasions need special care. Master’s Mark Dry Cleaners cleans the most delicate fabrics, including silks, crepes, velvets, and more. So bring that dress to Master’s Mark Dry Cleaners as soon as possible for our Premier Gown Cleaning Service. Our extra-gentle cleaning protects the dress’s natural fibers and helps to revive those innate colors and textures. We will tend to every detail so that your gowns will look and feel fresh. In short, we work to ensure you always look your very best. Pricing for Premier Gown Cleaning Service is $29.99.

Leather & Suede Cleaning

There is nothing more exotic and luxurious than your treasured leather and suede garments. These items require  professional suede and leather cleaning with special care. Our process not only cleans your piece, but also oils the skin using a technique that reconditions and replenishes it with the necessary oils to preserve and rejuvenate your garment. So don’t risk your leather or suede items by cleaning them yourself. Let our professionals handle the job. We even provide a safe and effective way to clean and refresh your favorite natural wool-lined boots and slippers! You may know them as “UGGs,” “Emu Australia,” “UGLY,” or “RocketDog,” among other brand names—and you’ll surely know how comfortable they are in both winter and summer! In addition to cleaning, we provide excellent repairs for your prized leather and suede garments. Choose Master’s Mark for first-class care for your leather garments and accessories, including:
  • Leather coats and jackets
  • Leather purses and handbags
  • Leather gloves
  • Leather pants
  • Suede jackets
  • UGGs
  • Other leather and suede apparel
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Wedding Gown Preservation

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money looking for your wedding gown. It was the only gown whose beauty served to magnify your own; the only gown perfect enough to be worn on the first day of your new life. Because it will remind you of that joyous event in your life, your wedding gown is one of the few keepsakes that will remain with you and bring back the memories of that special day. Treat it as well as it treated you. Preserve your gown along with your memories. The best way to do that is by allowing Master’s Mark to properly dry clean and prepare it, just as it was on your wedding day, for preservation in a special acid-free box.

Important Facts You Should Know About Caring For Your Gown

  • Avoid leaving your gown on a hanger (which can ruin the shape) or in a plastic bag (which can cause yellowing).
  • Have your gown preserved as soon as possible to ward off irreversible damage.
  • After preservation, store your gown in a dry, cool environment, avoiding basements, musty attics, and direct sunlight.
  • Pack accessories separately to avoid discoloring your gown.
  • Gown and Veil Cleaned and Heirloomed – $250.99
  • Gown and Veil Heirloomed Only – $130.99
  • Gown & Veil Cleaned & Pressed Only – $190.99
  • Christening Outfit Cleaned & Heirloomed – $120.99
  • Hat & Veil Cleaned & Heirloomed – $75.99
  • Bouquet Heirloomed – $75.99

Household Items

Whether your home furnishings are custom-made or off-the shelf, they need a thorough cleaning from time to time to extend their useful life. At Master’s Mark Dry Cleaning, we provide your household linens the TLC they deserve.

Table Linens

Fine table linens are an investment and can last generations if they’re cared for properly. Table linens can often be difficult to clean and finish at home because of their size, texture, and fabrics (many require special care). From pre-spotting and removing stains to pressing, we’ll take great care of your investment.

Draperies and Curtains

At Master’s Mark Dry Cleaners, we clean your draperies and curtains with the highest level of care. We carefully examine your draperies before undertaking any cleaning procedures to inspect for wear and tear caused by sunlight, humidity, or age. Because we know how important draperies are to your home’s decor, we discuss possible results with you before cleaning them.

Bedspreads and Comforters

Professional cleaning of bedspreads and comforters keeps your bedding looking its best. Master’s Mark strongly recommends you bring all matching or coordinating items for cleaning at the same time. Be sure to store your linens in a well-ventilated place, such as a linen closet. If you wrap your linens, use bags made of linen, cotton, or muslin. Do not store linens in plastic bags, cardboard boxes or cedar chests

Household Pricing

  • King Sized Bedspread – $30.49
  • Queen Sized Bedspread – $29.49
  • Full Sized Bedspread – $26.49
  • Twin Sized Bedspread – $27.49
  • Blanket – $26.49
  • Bed Skirt – $21.99
  • Mattress Cover – $27.49
  • Down Comforter – $42.99
  • Laundered Sheet – $15.99
  • Pillow Sham – $7.49
  • Pillow – $8.79
  • Drapes (per 6 ft. panel) – $15.99
  • Sheers (per 6 ft. panel) – $12.99
  • Sleeping Bag – $27.99
  • Shower Curtain – $18.49
  • Cushion Cover – $10.49
  • Armchair Cover – $4.89