Express Counter Service

Tired of parking and hauling your clothes to the counter? Purchase one of our Silver Express Bags for $10 and swing through drive thru. Our friendly staff will grab your bag with your very own customized luggage tag and process your order. Don’t forget in by 10AM and you get it the same day!

Gold Club Membership

We know that sometimes you are too busy to look for value or clip a coupon. And we will never stop trying to engage with our customers. But our Gold Bag Program can be a one-time decision each year that gives you 20 percent off every order everytime you walk through Master’s Mark’s doors. Please allow us to form a long-time relationship with you. Our CSR’s are trained to learn your name and preferences and every garment is uniquely marked with a tiny barcode so there are no tags or pins to damage your garments. In the Gold Club, you will enjoy the convenience of a Contactless service with an express bag you can fill and drop off at your favorite location. Your preferences are already in our computers so there is no need to be delayed answering the same questions, time after time. You can expect and will receive exceptional service, consistent quality and contactless convenience.

Route Service

No time to drive to the cleaners? Sign up for our route delivery and we will come to you. If you fill out our route application and pay a one time $10 setup fee and one of our route Managers will provide you with a red bag, door hook, and delivery schedule. We pick up garments on a Monday/Thursday schedule and Tuesday/ Friday schedule depending on your home or office location.

Wash Dry & Fold Service

Laundry piling up? Purchase one of our oversized black wash dry and fold bags for $10 and leave the laundry to us. We will process up to 30lbs of wash dry and fold items for $29.99. Each order will be sorted for lights and darks. Items will be washed, dried, and neatly folded back into your bag. And yes we even match socks!